Ross Bellenoit visits Nine Volt Heart Studios at WXOJ

Ross Bellenoit has already accomplished much in his musical journey. He has been described as “freakishly productive”. After releasing 3 EP’s in a single year, his friends dared him to release three full length releases in one year. He happily obliged. His endless energy and curiosity was on full display this weekend when he visited Nine Volt Heart studio at WXOJ. We talked off air about his early musical beginnings in Western Massachusetts. He’s originally from Agawam, Massachusetts. He’s an alumni of the PVPA school who furthered his musical studies at University of the Arts in Philadelphia where he still resides. He is an active part of the Philadelphia singer songwriter community while teaching at his alma mater. His tour with Amos Lee (also a Philly talent) was transformative. Ross experienced touring internationally with Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello while in Amos’ band. That was the “big time’ of large stadiums and nice hotels on tour.  We talk about his time with honky tonk group, The Sweetback Sisters, which is when I began to be aware of his talents on the Telecaster. Our conversation touches on his love of Jazz, his work with Rock Voices, his Future Corpses cover-song project and much more. You can listen to our conversation as well as four original tunes from Ross including “You Don’t Have It in You Now”, ” I Lost It”, ” I Can’t Help Falling in Love” and ” It’s Gonna Get Better”.

Ross Bellenoit will be appearing locally with Mikey Sweet at the Parlor Room on 5/13


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