Dan Russell Feels The Echoes on Nine Volt Heart

My guest, Dan Russell, has played many roles in his stint in the music business. For 35 years, he has been an artist manager, a concert promoter, a record producer, a music supervisor for both film and TV and ironically, most recently put out his first CD of original material. Our discussion ranges from managing the 80’s Rock band, The Call, to helping the careers of Robin Lane, U2, The Vigilantes of Love, Mark Heard and many others. He is the concert promoter of SoulFest now in it’s 31st year. Dan cofounded Fingerprint Records with Mark Heard. Our off-air conversations cover a dozen more topics. In this audio, we focus on the songs of his debut disc of original songs called “Feel The Echoes”. Dan performs a few live in-studio in an acoustic setting and we talk about and give background to several more songs from the disc itself. The tunes featured in the show include Feel The Echoes, Is it Love, Naive, She Came From Somewhere and Let You Be Mine. It was a pleasure to visit with and introduce my audience to a “new’ old soul, Dan Russell. More info about Dan can be found at DanRussellMusic.com.IMG_2428

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