Philip Price of Winterpills discusses his solo archives and their compilation in “Without Your Love I’d Be Nowhere At All”

Philip B Price, songwriter and principal singer for the band Winterpills, has just finished an ambitious project compiling his prolific back catalog. Philip has been involved in many bands over the years including Memorial Garage, Feet Wet, Gay Potatoes, Look Park, The Maggies and Winterpills. Remarkably, during this time, he has manged to record a dozen solo albums as well. These twelve albums, totaling 137 songs, are part of a Pledge campaign for his most ardent “completist” fans to support. The solo material has been compiled into a 2CD package called “Without Your Love I’d Be Nowhere At All”. Our conversation touches on his book of poetry, his painting, screenwriting and of course, songwriting. He will be appearing at Northampton’s Parlor Room for a solo show on December 10th. Here’s the audio of our broadcast which includes the following songs: New England Deluge from Winterpills’ “Love Songs”,Waiting For Summer from “Without Your Love”,Cry Baby Cry from Winterpills’ “Echolalia”, and Cold Nickels from the “Without Your Love” compilation.

Here’s the link to our audio:


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