March for Their Lives makes a strong statement against Gun Violence

Today, millions of people took to the streets of the World’s major cities in a passionate plea for saner guns laws in the US. Most were younger than from protests of the past. The students who led these marches give a glimmer of Hope even in a country deeply divided over many social issues. The events of March 24 included over 800 locations world-wide. The video of young speakers imploring their lawmakers to represent them instead of the Gun Lobbies were everywhere. But no where were these voices more passionate than on the National Mall where over 300,000 gathered to support the Marchers.

Nine Volt Heart salutes with pride these courageous students who speak eloquently for saner gun laws in this country. My musical tribute to their passion and their fury is included here. The song choices echo the feelings of the Marchers in portraying both grief and outrage at our nation’s relationship with guns. Here is the playlist;

Drive By Truckers,”The Guns of Umpqua” followed by Iris Dement’s “Wasteland of the Free”. Ryan Adam’s Whiskeytown does “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town” as well as Jackson Browne’s “The Long Way Around”. Mandolin Orange’s response to Newtown in “Blue Ruin” is paired with Birds of Chicago’s hopeful refrain “Love in Wartime”. I finish my musical tribute to the March for Our Lives with a specially written song for the March by Heather Maloney called “How Many More?”. This song is available for download and 100% of the money raised goes to Non-Profits fighting against Gun Violence. Important voices are demanding to be heard. These creative artists are well worth supporting and LISTENING to.

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