Izzy Heltai talks about Freshgrass 2018 on Nine Volt Heart.

My guest, Izzy Heltai, the friendly folkster who lived in North Adams while attending school there, is getting excited for his third straight appearance at Mass MocA’s Freshgrass festival this weekend September 14-15-16.

Izzy played three new tunes live in-studio; “Marching Song”, “Stuck in Stone” and “The Stranger You’ve Become”. We also played “Anyone to Anybody” from last year’s Sweet Apathy.

The remainder of the hour, we talked about and played our favorite artists who’ll be at this weekend event. Anna and Elizabeth will host a “FreshScore” to a silent film so we have a cut from them. Additionally, we listened to two Ricky Skaggs cuts in honor of his closing set on Sunday. We finish with Rhiannon Giddens’ “She’s Got You” and Darol Anger/Emy Phelp’s newest release of songs from the Sixties with their version of “These Boots Are Made For Walkin”


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