41 Prospect plays live In-Studio on Nine Volt Heart.


Every once in awhile, serendipity happens. A chance conversation with a stranger at a bluegrass festival leads to a comment about a favorite local band. This scenario is what led to the appearance of Manchester CT’s 41 Prospect on Nine Volt Heart.

Following a few emails and arrangements, the band started to arrive, stretching our studio space in every corner. Put the drums under this desk, place the bass under the window space, plug in the guitars into amps, squeeze the two vocal mics together. Voila! We have a performance space, cozy but just right for the next hour. The band, 41 Prospect, named after their rehearsal space address is comprised of Mike Stefanowicz on bass, Ken Klucznik on guitar and vocals; Paul Ofria on drums along with vocalists Nan Roy and Heidi. They consistently play 20 shows a year in a number of venues throughout New England including Easthampton’s Luthiers.

While their live shows include well chosen covers, their set in-studio is mostly original songs. The set list includes “Dewy”, “Demand Side”, Nan Roy’s “Something Sinister” and “I’m Alive”. The band’s 2014 release, Steps That Remain, also contributes to the show with “Slow Learner” and “Long Way from Mexico”. The band also does live versions of “Ode To Over” and “What About Me”.

It was a fun set to experience and a great opportunity to meet some new friends from outside of our immediate area. They play in the Greater Hartford area at Grady’s Tavern on December 29th. Check out their tour dates and music on their Facebook site for 41 Prospect.


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