Lula Wiles discuss their upcoming Release, What Will We Do, on Nine Volt Heart.


Lula Wiles consist of three creative talents none of which is called Lula. They do, however, take after their fictional namesake who is “independent, wiley and possessing an aggravating beauty”.They have signed to Smithsonian Folkways Records and will release their new record, What Will We Do, in the next few weeks. Listen in and catch a serious preview of the songs and the stories behind them. Lula Wiles consists of Isa Burke, Ellie Buckland and Mali Obomsawin. They’ve known each other since their teens attend Maine Fiddle Camps.

They’ve taken a major step forward with this release. Some have called it “confident”, others “provocative” but these new songs reveal insight and maturity that take “folk music to new places”. I think they are “non-traditional” traditionalists; raised on the folk canon but, as should be expected, pushing the boundaries. They sing love songs about being alone, they croon country songs about our Nation’s lost moral compass, they even poke fun at the epicenter of country music, Nashville. These songs will delight listeners who crave authenticity in this young generation, with gorgeous vocal harmonies and playing to boot. It’s no wonder the record company of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie were so eager to sign this young trio. Give our conversation a listen, these ladies are ready for this next step. Confident, witty and insightful songs never go out of style.

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