Rani Arbo swings into Nine Volt Heart; a discussion of Daisy Mayhem and their Parlor Session 2/24


Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem are into their 17th year together on the strength of their exuberant live shows. Born out of the Pioneer Valley band, Salamander Crossing, they are, according to the Boston Herald, “One of America’s most inventive string bands.”

They will host a Parlor Session on 2/24 in Northampton along with Anna Patten, a clarinetist from Brattleboro. Expect this show to swing! The songs, and the joy the band brings to them, is unmistakable. The vocals and fiddle work of Rani Arbo are superb and matched by the upbeat rhythm section of Andrew Kinsey on bass and Scott Kessel’s “drumship enterprise”- a recycled drum kit that has to be seen. Anand Nayak is a multi-instrumentalist including guitar and sings in Daisy Mayhem.

My conversation with Rani touches on her musical beginings in NYC as well as Salamander Crossing in 1990. We talk about how the band has changed along with the music industry over these last twenty years. Topics include the balancing of the band along with raising teenagers and numerous side projects.

Her enthusiasm, like her band’s music, is infectious. This show will be very popular because of the band’s local beginnings here and their connection with Signature Sounds. Get your tickets in advance of their Parlor Room show on Feb 24.

Listen to our conversation plus a whole batch of songs from their career including “Heart of the World”,”Crossing the Bar”,”I’m Satisfied With You”,”Hot Buttered Rum”, “Hear Jerusalem Moan”,and “Sparrow”.

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