Seamus Egan, one of Celtic music’s finest, on Nine Volt Heart!


I admit to being a serious fan of Seamus Egan and his band, Solas. He’s a wizard on virtually every stringed instrument (and more). I was anxious about interviewing him because, well, he’s a big freakin star! I shouldn’t have worried, he couldn’t have been more genuine. Our conversation covers his early musical education in Ireland and the burgeoning¬† traditional Irish jams in Philly and NYC which led to the formation of his long lived band of virtuosos, Solas. We talk about the band’s hiatus and the opportunity to refocus on his first solo instrumental album in 23 years, “Everything Always Was”!

The Seamus Egan Project comes to Northampton’s Parlor Sessions on 2/10. Don’t miss this chance to see this multi-instrumentalist wow a crowd. Joyfulness personified.

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