Ona Canoa debuts their folky trio harmonies on Nine Volt Heart.

This newly formed trio have performed together only a handful of times but their joyful singing and harmonies would have you believe these ladies have been at it all their lives. They have been friends since high school and their comfort level  with each other adds to their natural ease performing together.

The group consists of Chelsie Field, Tess Burdick and Eliza Hollister. Ona Canoa will be opening the upcoming “Lilith of the Valley” series on 3/9 at Northampton, Massachusetts’ Bishop’s Lounge. Our in-studio session features four original songs by the band as well as songs by some of their favorite songwriters. Included are the songs; “Legs”, “River Rock”, “Aubergine” and Molasses”.

Included in our discussion is a chat with Kara Kharmah who is the organizer of these “Lillith Of the Valley” showcases. She is also the woman behind PRIA Music Marketing who aids bands in their quest to “brand themselves” in the effort to gain more fans. She helps focus their efforts through her work on social media platforms, website designs, promotions and more. She gives us details on March 9th’s lineup and participants.

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