Annie Guthrie; “the stubborn transgenre Guthrie” entertains on Nine Volt Heart.


Annie Guthrie is the middle daughter of Arlo Guthrie. Annie along with siblings Sarah Lee, Cathy, and Abe are grandchildren of Woody Guthrie. All of the family tree are musicians and have played important roles in the “Guthrie Family” business. For decades, Annie has managed the Family touring details as well as “Rising Son Records”.

These days, Annie is singing songs from her latest release, “Dragonfly”. I caught up with her in advance of her local show along with John Sheldon at Hawks and Reed in Greenfield, Ma. We talked about her roles in the musical family’s business as well as her original songs. We talked about her early Dance career inspired by her grandmother’s experience of dancing in Martha Graham’s troupe. Our conversation centered around her songwriting including a newer song dedicated to her Mother, Jackie, who died in 2012 of cancer. The segment includes the songs “White Sundresses, “Feistier Than Gin” and “Who I Am”.

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