John Sheldon updates Nine Volt Heart on his myriad of new projects.


John Sheldon is a busy guy. Just keeping up with his projects is daunting. He is involved in a project called “Do It Now” with poet-spoken word artist Paul Richmond and Valley World music percussionist Tony Vacca. These three perform in the area in an extraordinary spontaneous beat poetry meets improvisational music experience. In addition, John Sheldon has been digging deep into the healing aspects of music by exploring themes of environmentalism and spirit; Music as a form of prayer more than entertainment. Our conversation covers his life-changing visit to Standing Rock and the community he found there. We listen to a song written and performed by John along with Emma Ayres called “The Same Water”. We also explore another guitar piece called “Earth Blues”.

John has many projects he’s developed incorporating music with story-telling such as “The Ayahuasca Monologues”, “Journey To the Center of the Earth” and his award-winning self exploration called “The Red Guitar”. Throughout these many projects, John’s incredible guitar playing stands out; front and center.

John will be playing Friday 4/5 along with Annie Guthrie at Greenfield’s Hawks and Reed Performance Arts Center.

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