Michael Francis McCarthy brings the Blues to WXOJ.


Michael Francis McCarthy is a blues stylist and passionate singer based in NY’s Hudson Valley. He was referred to me by my college pal Beanie (You get a shout-out in the first audio at around the 12:00 minute mark) and I’m glad he could make the drive to visit with us on Nine Volt Heart. He played a number of original songs starting with “Keep Swimming” followed by “Leave your Porch Light On”, both live in-studio. We listen to the song “Blue Angels” from his latest CD “Migrant”. A couple of brand new songs were debuted as well including “Better Than Your Phone” and “Judgement Day”. We listen to his cover of “Kill the Old Gray Mule” and his original song “Green Grass Hopper”.

It was a pleasure catching this young man sing his original songs so passionately and play his guitar with incredible dexterity. He certainly puts a lot of effort into his craft. Listen to the two audio segments above and I think you’ll agree that Michael Francis McCarthy is an amazing original talent.

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