Science Div co-founders Jay and Kayleigha Zawacki talk “Tribbles”.

Jay and Kayleigha Zawacki are a husband and wife team collaborating on a side project that went from a lark to a reality. In less than a couple of years, the “what if?’ became “how do we?”. The creation of one of Star Trek’s most iconic pets became more than just a dream but a multi-faceted introduction to entrepreneurship and marketing. They did lots of legwork in this process including the manufacturing of the “tribble”, investigation of licensing issues, a marketing plan and a dozen or more other “rabbit holes” neither of them expected nor trained for. Nevertheless, these two “lighting designer/theater nerds” have persevered and now have their own company ready to provide you with the world’s only app-enabled interactive tribble. Check it out at

Listen in on my conversation with Jay and Kayleigha if you missed it yesterday on Nine Volt Heart.

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