Lily Sexton and Sean Davis Update us on the Latest from Mamma’s Marmalade.


Sean Davis and Lily Sexton from the local newgrass band, Mamma’s Marmalade, took some time to visit and update our listeners about the band and it’s music. The duo played two songs live in the studio, “June Apple” and “Won’t You Come and Sing for Me”.

We also included a “Mamma’s Trio” cut from a previous visit to the show where they took on the traditional “Salt Creek” and we listened to the instrumental “Sherman’s Reel” from their latest release, “Rockabee Field”.

Our conversation included discussion of personnel changes, upcoming shows as well as individual side projects. Overall, a great 30 minute visit with the duo. Give it a listen and check out their upcoming shows on Halloween at the Shea Theater with the Gaslight Tinkers as well as a November 2 gig at the Parlor Room with The Whiskey Treaty Road Show.

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