Lilith of the Valley focuses on Women in Music; Nine Volt Preview.


Kat Alexander visited Nine Volt Heart for the first time yesterday and played three tunes live. We were focusing on 11/9 Lilith of the Valley show at Bishop’s Lounge in Northampton. Our segment featured live music from Kat as well as an interview with Kara Karmah who’s PRIA Marketing company is putting together this show. She discusses the process of putting together this event which includes a panel discussion on the state of Women in our local Music scene. We also talked with I-Shea Shaikly from the band Rebirth. She discussed the band’s commitment to womens music and femme empowerment in the Valley. In addition we heard two songs from their album as well as selections from the other participants in the Lilith showcase such as And the Kids and The Fawns.

A worthy cause with a loaded lineup on 11/9 Saturday night in Northampton, Ma.

Check out the audio from the segment including all the songs and more.


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