Low Lily perform a “Winter Solstice” show at the Parlor Room. 12/18


Liz Simmons of the Vermont-based Low Lily was my guest on Nine Volt Heart to talk about Wednesday’s 12/18 Winter Solstice show at the Parlor Room. Low Lily will be sharing the festivities with mandolinist Matt Flinner. I can only imagine the gorgeous four part harmonies along with two fabulous mandolin pickers on the Northampton venues stage. My conversation covers a lot of territory in under 15 minutes. We discuss her early exposure of “life on the road” with her parents to her current role in Low Lily. In between, we flesh out the Boston folk and celtic scene leading to the formation of their first project, Annalivia and their decision to start anew with Low Lily. Along the way we hear a number of tunes from the band from both their recordings including “Northern Spy”, “Sovay”, “Dark Skies Again” and Liz introduces the gorgeous hand-clapped acapella, “Hope Lingers On”. Give it a listen, or better yet, go to the Parlor Room show on Wednesday night.

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