Sam Reider and the Human Hands open this Winter’s Parlor Sessions 1/19/20

Sam Reider and the Human Hands (6Piece).jpg

Sam Reider is a pianist, accordionist, composer and leader of a band of virtuoso’s called the Human Hands. Sam and his band will open the Parlor Room in Northampton’s Winter series called The Parlor Sessions on Jan 19th. Our conversation touches on his young career as a jazz pianist and his discovery of folk music at Columbia. We talk about his many tours sponsored by the US State Department all over the world acting as a music ambassador. We also touch on his work with Jazz at Lincoln Center which brought him into NYC public schools.

The Human Hands include Eddie Barbasa on Sax, Alex Hargreaves on fiddle,Dominick Leslie on mandolin and Roy Williams on guitar. Sam plays both piano and accordian. Our segment includes two selections to give you a taste of their virtuosity and style. We listen to “The Murder” and “Swamp Dog Hobble”.

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