Abe Loomis shares his “most productive” songwriting project.


Abe Loomis is back in Conway Massachusetts during our national pandemic. But he’s making the most of his time with a new songwriting goal; a new song every week. Abe has created a “Patreon” platform to share this musical outpouring with his fans. Every Wednesday he posted a newly minted song on this crowd supported platform. On today’s Nine Volt Heart radio program, we listen to two brand new songs (“Last Bar on Earth” and”Don’t You Let Go”) a as well as songs from Abe’s 2017 release, “The Hoosac Line”(“Franklin County” and “Crow Crow”). The segment opens with “Refugees Are Welcome Here”, which Abe released as a single after “Hoosac Line’s” debut. The segment finishes with an in-studio performance along with Jim Henry of Abe’s ode to Conway, “Johnny Bean Brook”.

We talk about his Patreon project, his return from NYC, his song writing process and, of course, the songs. Listen in.

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