Massachusetts Walking Tour duo finds the “Road May Rise”.


Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards have a load of charisma, talent and energy. They’ve released four albums; one live and three studio releases full of original earnest heartfelt folk songs. The latest album, Road May Rise, was just released this spring.

This Massachusetts-based duo have a unique method of touring this music; they walk.

The Massachusetts Walking Tour is a non profit they’ve created which puts on a series of free concerts in small towns all across the state. By their estimate in the ten years of these tours, they’ve walked through over 150 Massachusetts towns. They are very connected to this concept of promoting local art, poetry and music as they literally walk from gig to gig with everything they need to pull these shows off.

As many independent artists have experienced, 2020 has been a difficult one. The Walking Tour of the Mass based Appalachian Trail towns has been postponed to 2021,

I talk with Mark and Raianne about the concept of “community” and how this model fosters true local community spirit. As opposed to the “album release followed by extensive touring” model, this duo get to play in front of neighbors and friends at their local library, town common or cultural center. The musicians add local players to the bill when possible. Sounds like a pretty rewarding experience for all.

We also delve into the making of their latest release “Road May Rise” which concludes the segment.

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