Izzy Heltai explores relationships in his new release, “Father”.


Izzy Heltai pictured above in a Brian Carroll exclusive taken at Green Mountain Bluegrass and Roots Festival last year.

Izzy made his Nine Volt Heart visit to premiere several new songs from his forthcoming release, “Father”. This is Izzy’s first full length album which contains some new versions of some older songs as well as brand new creations. Recorded here in Western Massachusetts at Andy Cass’ Sleeper Cave Recordings, Izzy distills his coming of age story into nine songs. The theme of relationships assessed (and reassessed with time passing) comprise these confessional revealing and thoughtful vignettes.

Our conversation touches many topics including his early songwriting and creative years in North Adams, Massachusetts, his memories of his Brookline upbringing, but focus on this batch of songs. There are odes to self doubt, longing for relationships gone south, as well as a healthy dose of sad songs surrounding his parents. While we can all relate to these themes, nowhere does it stay morose or self pitying. The songs signal growth from these assessments as we age and reconsider our relationships in a more mature light. I heartily endorse these songs as therapeutic and cathartic; some may even be considered “happy” but that is all relative.

Izzy’s album “Father” won’t officially be released until early October but give the segment a listen for debuts of three songs, “Marching Song”, “Father” and “The Stranger You’ve Become”.

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