Western Terrestrials find Honky Tonk Aliens in Vermont.

Nick Charyk of the Vermont band, Western Terrestrials, was my guest today on Nine Volt Heart. We spoke about the band’s latest release, “Back in the Saddle of a Fever Dream”, recorded just before Nashville’s tornado and the nation’s pandemic. These “Green Mountain boys” recorded much of the new album with Dean Miller (son of Roger Miller) at his OmniSound studios in Nashville’s Music Row. We open the segment with two new songs, “Space Cowboys Get the Blues” and “Kings Highway”.

Our conversation covers meeting the next generation of Country music royalty in Dean Miller as well as Georgette Jones (daughter of Tammy Wynette and George Jones), both contribute to this disc in songs which name check their dads, “Roger Miller Time” and “Whose Gonna Fill These Boots”. The last collaboration on the new disc is with Ketch Secor from Old Crow Medicine Show whose text to the band exclaims “Ethan Allen wuz an Alien.” resulting in a song which hilariously includes many famous Vermonters as potentially alien. We end the segment with this song.

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