Carolina Story elevate the lowly “Dandelion” to new heights.

Ben and Emily Roberts have been a musical duo for over a decade now and have released their second major label release, “Dandelion” to much acclaim. We open with two songs from “Dandelion” including “Light of the Moon” and “See You When I See You”.

Our conversation covers their Memphis origins and their early constant touring schedule. After contemplating dropping out of music altogether, they had two children and regrouped for 2017’s “Lay Your Head Down”. Even while touring this album’s material that summarized their decade together Carolina Story had new stories to tell which culminated in the 2020 release, “Dandelion”. The metaphor of the lowly weed, that populates seemingly at will in the unlikeliest of environments, sparked Emily to consider how the Dandelion could be re-envisioned. It is also a nutritious plant which humbly and tenaciously survives harsh conditions; the underdog. The metaphor is extended to include all peoples struggles (Ben mentions minorities and others battling to survive). The song was written at the time of the “immigrant crisis at our southern border”.

We talk about their songwriting and how being parents have changed it over time. We also discuss how songs change their meanings to them over time as well. We finish the segment with the song “Wildflower” dedicated to their two young kids, Wilder and Lily. The title cut takes us out reinforcing the themes of optimism and seeing the “light” in these dark times.

Check out these fine folk’s work at “Carolina Story. com”

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