Two Valley favorites explore new sounds with Cloudbelly.

Corey Laitman and Anand Nayak have entertained audiences locally for years. Anand Nayak is a long time member of Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem and has collaborated with dozens of local musicians over the years. One of his projects was to work with Corey Laitman on their latest release, “Seafoam”. Corey and Anand have worked on a new set of songs in a new band called Cloudbelly. They both joined me yesterday on Nine Volt Heart.

We start the segment with Corey’s song from the previously mentioned Seafoam, called “Marching Band” followed by “If I’m One” by Anand from RADM’s release called “Violets Are Blue”.

The music released so far is more textured, embellished, more experimental and (in Corey’s words) more weird. They gave themselves permission to throw out expectations and let each song act as a new project. While there are many more songs written, they’ve not been given the “cloudbelly’ treatment but will be released over time.

We discover the context of two of Cloudbelly’s new songs starting with the spooky “You the Dark and I”. Corey describes the inspiration for this song comes from their reading Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ brilliant book “Women Who Run with Wolves”. The last song we discuss, and finish the segment with, is “Crayon” which features a video shot by Piper Preston with animation added by Wishbone Zoe. Check out this video on Youtube to see the song re-envisioned by these talented two Pioneer Valley artists.

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