Raye Zaragoza spotlight’s “Women In Color” on Nine Volt Heart.

Raye Zaragoza’s “Women in Color” has just been released and has rocketed to the top of the Folk charts. For good reason, her songs are passionate pleas for social justice; timely and artistic. After gaining fame from her song “In the River” concerning the Standing Rock protest against the Dakota Access pipeline, Raye has toured nationally in support of her independently released “Fight For You”. This past year, she added Grammy-winning producer Tucker Martine to her team to guide the latest release, “Women in Color”. The songs range from topical issues such as immigration, womens and indigenous rights.

We talk about Rayes’ unique background as part Japanese American; part Mexican and Native American. This intersection of immigrants gives her a perspective on what the “American Dream” means for her folks. Other topics include the experience of recording with a “dream team” in Portland, Oregon. The “patreon” experience has helped independent artists like Raye continue to create in these times without touring these songs live.

Our segment begins with “In The River” and finishes with “Run With the Wolves”.

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