Whiskey Treaty Roadshow “Bands Together” despite the odds.

Whiskey Treaty Road Show was a spontaneous collaboration of five singer songwriters who came together independently to perform and ended up a “Band Together”. Billy Keane, Tory Hanna, Chris Merenda, Greg Daniel Smith and my guest, David Tanklefsky, make up The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow. All five have released as solo acts over the years (including another original member Abe Loomis) but none expected a onetime festival would morph into a full time commitment. A couple of EP’s and a live album led to this latest release which found the band facing some serious obstacles. Their crowdfunding source, Pledge Music, folded in mid stream leaving the band short of thousands of dollars of fan contributions. A major label that showed interest pulled out as well. Undeterred, these five musicians were persistent in their collaborative vision. They recorded in Dalton Ma’s Stationery Factory with Johnny Irion at the helm as producer.

Our conversation fills in the gaps in the band’s trajectory leading up to a successful release in early 2020 including rave reviews in Rolling Stone and No Depression music magazines. A set recorded at NYC’s Paste studio garnered thousands of streams. A “Rock Boat” expedition added to the band’s Western Mass legions of fans. Things appeared positive with a national tour planned. Then, we hit “pause” in our live music scene.

This development has been difficult for all independent musicians and David shrugs it off as “just another Whiskey Treaty standard operating procedure”. The band has done some limited touring locally and some livestreams but they all look forward (as do I) to getting these songs out to a listening public. The disc contains ten songs ranging from rock to folk; from anthems of social justice to love songs. Highly recommended listening.

Our segment starts with Billy Keane’s tribute to the Women’s March with “Hey Lady” and ends with David Tanklefsky’s penned “Reasons”.

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