High Tea has had a “Hell of a Ride”

The duo, High Tea, consists of guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Isabella DeHerdt and percussionist and vocalist Isaac Eliot. They just released their debut collaboration called “Hell of a Ride”. Our segment features four songs from the new release. We began with “Homegrown” and “Heather” before the artists joined me on zoom. Our discussion covered a lot of biographical information including important touchstones in their musical journeys. Topics included discussion of the importance of Western Massachusetts’ Institute for Musical Arts’ Rock n Roll Camp for Young Women. Isabella formed her trio with Alouette Batteau and Amelia Chalfant called Kalliope Jones at IMA. Other touchstones included an earlier live show as a duo at Bishops Lounge in Northampton which encouraged these two young artists to work together. Our “great pause” in live performances this summer gave Isaac and Isabella time to work on the development of this batch of songs.

We got an update on both of these musicians educational experiences this past year and got caught up on their latest efforts which include another EP as High Tea as well as new Kalliope Jones material to be released this upcoming year. The band will do another livestream on Saturday 12/19 at 7:30 which will be Holiday-song themed. Check out their facebook page to see other events including a Hawks and Reed sponsored series called “Resonate Sessions” in which they appear.

Two additional songs from “Hell of a Ride” conclude our segment. We hear “Simpler Time” and “Silver Lining”. Give the segment a listen in the link above. These are two entertaining mature young musicians making the best out of the past difficult year with a release that will shift your focus to themes of nostalgia and a place called “home”; a welcome change of perspective and a necessary one.

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