The Green Sisters discuss “Blink of an Eye” on Nine Volt Heart.

The four siblings from Hubbardston Mass, The Green Sisters, have created original music ranging from bluegrass to folk to jazzy pop. They use traditional bluegrass instrumentation and the classic family sibling harmonies to create their own “genre-proof” sound. They’ve released their second album this past year called “Blink of an Eye”.

Our segment with two of the Sisters, Mel and Brie, begins with the title cut of this release. Our conversation covers their grandparents and their parent’s musicality as well as their early experiences singing together. Their Dad advertised a delivery of cordwood by his four singing daughters, possibly their first paying gig! An appearance at a wedding further confirmed their musical possibilities. In any case, all four sisters; Melody, Brianna, Betsy and Rebecca, play multiple instruments and all sing effortlessly together.

Their first album, “Endless Blue”, as well as the latest release, focus on original material. Each sibling writes individually which gives some diversity to both offerings. Most of the subject matter could be considered “rural country life” themed but in a modern way. Love songs and ballads are mixed with fiddle tunes and traditional songs. The easy laughter and jovial banter of our conversation mirrors the live show when each give good natured sisterly jabs at each other.

The segment ends with another original from “Blink of an Eye” called “Honeybabe” as well as “Here and Gone” from the debut release.

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