Wallace Field gazes into her “Crystal Mirror”.

The pandemic has derailed many a creative musical project, for Wallace Field, it redefined and focused hers. While she was unable to record her full length debut, her creativity required an outlet. This five song EP, “Crystal Mirror” was recorded this summer with the help of musician/producer Nate Mondshein. The songs were recorded at home and produced by Nate’s Echo Base Productions giving these songs an eerie and spacey vibe.

Our segment began with the premiere of the song, “The End”, from “Crystal Mirror” which will be released on January 15th. Wallacefieldmusic.com has details on purchasing the music. We talk about her musical influences like Weyes Blood, Aldous Harding, and Kate Bush. This eclectic batch of artists inform these songs throughout the EP. We talk in depth about the writing and inspiration around the songs, “Only Moon” and “Clare”. The former uses personal experience as a influence while the latter uses a fictional character from “The Time Travelers Wife” as a narrator. The segment finishes with the premiere of another song, “Love is Paradise (It All Depends)”

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