Love Crumbs share their debut, Cavalcades, on Nine Volt Heart.

Massachusetts trio Love Crumbs have released their debut, Cavalcades, in January 2021. It has been added to playlists all over the world giving the band a nice blast of good reviews. Michael, Ali and Scott spent some time on Nine Volt Heart to discuss their musical path. The conversation centered on how the music “business” has changed over the years especially in today’s touring “pause”. We talked about their signing with the UK label, Animal Farm Records, and their approach to release singles over the next months.

The band’s sound is a nostalgic throwback to classic rock and a really bluesy belter that features the strong vocals of Ali McTavish. Her comparison’s to both Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin gives you an insight to her versatility (even within this song). We listened to an acoustic duo tune called “All I Want” to open the show and we finish with “Cavalcades”. Watch for more music from this talented trio at love crumbs music on Facebook.

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