Corner House debuts their “Caribou Party” on Nine Volt Heart.

Corner House is a quartet of Boston area stringband players who’ve found a safe way to release new music this year. “Caribou Party” will be released in early March and it’s a gorgeous collection of virtuosic instrumental tunes. The band consists of Ethan Setiawan (my guest) on mandolin, Ethan Hawkins on guitar and vocals, Louise Bichan on fiddle and Casey Murray on cello.

The band was unable to record their anticipated full length album in Canada due to pandemic restrictions but they were able to safely work on an EP in a cabin in rural Pennsylvania this past summer. There are songs about gardens and instrumentals named after wildlife. Songs about spiritual conflicts and tunes based on favorite New England destinations. All in all, it’s a diverse batch of songs representing each of the member’s contributions. Old time banjo player Allison DeGroot puts it this way ,”Caribou Party weaves together lush instrumental textures, thoughtful arrangements and intimate lyrics, culminating in an exciting collection of tunes and songs that will keep you listening to the twists and turns, while drawing you into the space of four friends making music amidst a global pandemic.”

Our segment begins with the Ethan Setiawan tune “Woolwich” and finishes with Louise Bichan’s “Hawk, Hound and the Homers” both getting their radio debut. You can join the band for their online launch party on 2/19@7PM on Bandcamp’s new streaming platform. You’ll b glad you did, it’s gonna be a party, a Caribou Party!

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