Cloudbelly talks about “Thou/Them” and Home Sessions on NineVoltHeart.

Corey Laitman and Anand Nayak collaborated on Corey’s “Seafoam” CD which has led to this project dubbed Cloudbelly. The creative process between these two projects could not be more different, however. Cloudbelly has been composed remotely without rehearsals or even hearing other band member’s input. A huge amount of mutual trust and respect fueled the writing of these eleven songs. Many of these songs have been released as singles and EP’s over the last year. They are compiled in the album “Thou/Them”. Our segment begins with the song, “Up in Smoke” with it’s wintery images of snow and woodsmoke. We conclude the conversation with the band introducing another new song, “Leavened”.

Cloudbelly will perform these songs in a special livestream sponsored by Signature Sounds called the Home Sessions airing on Feb 23 at 8PM.

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