Old Town Crier debuts new songs on Nine Volt Heart.

My live in-studio guest is Jim Lough whose latest project is called Old Town Crier. He released an EP this Spring called “I’m Longing for you Honey in Middleboro Mass”. Its an admittedly lo-fi collection of diverse catchy songs which Jim plays all the instruments and does all the recording in his Colchester Farm barn. We were treated to three songs from the release as well as four additional songs live in-studio.

Our conversation covers a lot of ground from his work as a farmer at Elliott Farm, his previous work in bluegrass/old timey band Riley Coyote, and his song writing process. These self described “toxic love songs” have a lot of soul and emotion packed into each verse. While not autobiographical in nature, the feelings underlying the songs seem genuine and heart-felt. While Jim plays a large amount of instruments on the recording, he came to Nine Volt Heart studio with his trusty acoustic guitar. We got to hear some new material along with some reworked earlier songs tailored to an acoustic setting.

Old Town Crier setlist includes a live version of “Moonlight Road”, an album cut of “I Might Get Lost” and a new love song called “Searching”. A new direction for Old Town Crier is more political content in his song as as evidenced by the song “You” written for political activist Howie Klein. Jim sings a new powerful song in this direction called “A Thin Blue Line” He finished the live cuts with an updated solo acoustic version of a Riley Coyote song, “Lonesome World” .We finish the segment with another album cut called “Don’t Go”.

It was a joy to have live in-studio guests again. Nothing beats the thrill of experiencing live music face to face. I hope you can share the joy of listening to this music and Old Town Crier, the pride of Lakeville, Massachusetts.

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