Kittel and Co. Return to Watermelon Wednesdays 9/8

Jeremy Kittel is Grammy nominated musician, originally from Michigan, who has put together an ensemble of the best young acoustic musicians on the planet! I caught up with Jeremy on the road to a residency program in upper New York state where the band will rehearse and learn some of the new tunes he’s wrote in the last few years.

Kittel and Co. is doing a small New England tour starting September 7 at the Springville NY Center for the Arts which is a livestreamed event. The following day they will perform at West Whately’s Chapel as part of Watermelon Wednesday series. They follow that show with a Club Passim show on September 9th.

Jeremy’s band is full of world-class talent including mandolinist Josh Pinkham, guitarist Quinn Bachand, bassist Ethan Jodiwiecz along with Jeremy on fiddle.

Our segment began with the tune “Pando” from the Kittel and Co.’s latest release “Whorls” followed by “Bear Island Reel” from Jeremy’s “Chasing Sparks” CD. We finish the tunes with Aiofe O’Donovan’s “Bull Frog Croon” which features Jeremy on fiddle. Our conversation begins with a discussion of what the last two years have been like for the artists and what took place of the heavy tour schedule. The workshops, online teaching, and music study continued. Jeremy spent a lot of time studying film music. We also talk about the process of writing for a large orchestra compared to the ensemble pieces. Jeremy was commissioned to write for the Orlando Philharmonic during the past year as well as previously for the Detroit Symphony. Jeremy also divulged that he’s been practicing singing during the past year as well as guitar to increase his repertoire.

We finish our segment with Jeremy introducing “The Boxing Reels” from “Whorls”.

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