Adam Ezra brings his dynamic show to the Shea Theater 3/24.

Adam Ezra Group will be performing at Turner’s Falls’ Shea Theater on March 24th. Adam has taken an entirely grass-roots approach to the music industry. This approach has been remarkably successful as it is bold and optimistic. Adam’s music is also bold as well as optimistic. Despite never having major label support or mainstream radio success, Adam Ezra Group continues to sell out shows, hundreds of them in pre-pandemic days. Adam decided out of loneliness and helplessness to do a livestream directly to his fan base. Surprising only to him, hundreds of fans showed up to support him and this effort. The next day hundreds more, until well over 500 days in a row resulted in more than 15 Million views! That’s grassroots success. We talk about this livestream series called The Gathering Series which awarded Ezra “Creator of the Year” from NERFA in 2020.

In addition to the Gathering, I ask Adam about his ongoing charity and benefit series called “The Ramble” which raised money for homeless veterans in the area. His remarkable fanbase supports these projects including an Autumn Getaway where fans can commune in all things AEG. There will be a Spring Getaway in Vermont in late March as well.

Adam Ezra Group has decided to release music directly to fans as they are created! His “Album Project” will release 19 singles directly to his fans, the first such release begins our show with the super success of “Switching To Whiskey”. This New England Music Award winner spoke to me from the California desert just outside is Mojave desert cabin for this interview. He was a fun upbeat optimistic interview which I enjoyed immensely. You can easily tell how direct artist to fan contact has been so successful; he’s a genuine likeable guy with a huge presence. Our segment includes “High Desert Women’ inspired by his experiences in just that cabin. The song features the haunting dobro of master picker Jerry Douglas.

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