Start Making Sense bring the Immaculate Horns to the Shea on April 9.

Jon Braun from the Talking Head’s tribute band, Start Making Sense, was my guest on Nine Volt Heart. We talked about his upcoming show at Turner’s Falls’ Shea Theater on April 9. The eight piece band will be adding a horn section for this show ensuring a full sound (and stage).

We talked about the band’s evolution over ten years playing the music of David Byrne and the Talking Heads. Topics include what it’s like to try to inhabit the world view of the eccentric band leader, what personas Jon enjoys while in this role.

The segment includes four versions of Talking Heads songs performed by the tribute band including This Must Be The Place ( Naive Melody), Burning Down the House, The Great Curve, and Nothing But Flowers.

We also hear from Angelique Kidjo, Mavis Staples and the Talking Heads themselves.

Make sure to catch this show on 4/9 because it’s going to be quite special; one of only eight shows ever to incorporate the horn section to this amazing music.

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