High Tea, Indy Folk Duo, visits NineVoltHeart in advance of Hawks and Reed Show 4/3

Isabella DeHerdt and Isaac Elliot have released their second album as High Tea. The latest is an acoustic EP called “Old Cowboy” and we begin our segment with the title cut from the 2022 disc.

High Tea has a gorgeous vocal harmony sound with an emphasis on DeHerdt’s lyrics. The songs explore the concepts of growing up, leaving home as well as nostalgia for the childhood comforts they’ve left behind. The duo play two songs from the “old Cowboy “release live in-studio, “Invincible” and “O’er My Skin”. The stripped-down versions feature an acoustic guitar by Isabella and twin vocals from the duo. The arrangement emphasizes the songwriting and stories within these songs and show DeHerdt’s maturation as a writer.

Our topics include the DIY nature of their debut, “Hell of a Ride” where the two spent extensive time writing, arranging, layers various instruments, adding up to a fuller denser rockier recording. Isabella and Isaac are mature and thoughtful about the lessons learned during these recordings; few live shows, moving toward live streams, all the while writing and creating new material. High Tea played a new song for us in-studio called ‘Love You Better” which opens the current shows.

“Old Cowboy” takes it’s sonic cues from the first live shows the duo, High Tea, performed. The live show could not replicate all the instrumentation they created in the studio. Instead, it’s two voices upfront with guitars and percussion underneath. They will bring these tunes and this acoustic approach to Greenfield’s Hawks and Reed tonight 4/3 and later in the month at Turners Falls The Voo on 4/29. Catch these talented young musicians for these local shows if you can. Follow the band at HighTeaBand.com

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