Bill and the Belles get Happy Again at Northampton’s Parlor Room TONIGHT 4/24.

Bill and the Belles will be headlining a show TONIGHT Sunday 4/24 at Northampton’s Parlor Room. Kat and Brad open the show. This Johnson City, Tennessee quartet inhabits a distinctive musical universe of original songs influenced by songs from the 1920’s onward. Happy Again! was released last year and this is the band’s first chance to play these songs in the North East. Expect fun upbeat songs with dead panned vocals such as the title cut,” Happy Again (I’ll Never Be)”, “The Corn Shucking Song”, “Good Friends Are Hard To Find”, among many others. The band is expanding the definition of old time music to include early country music, close harmony singing, sentimental ballads and popular songs. Expect humor along with expert playing. A Rolling Stone “must hear”.

Our segment includes the title cut, “Happy Again (I’ll Never Be)” and “Taking Back My Yesterday” and “Finger Pointing Woman”.

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