Experiments in the Return of Greg Hall to NineVoltHeart.

Greg Hall has a big week coming up. He visited NineVoltHeart studio to celebrate the CD release of “Experiments in the Revival of Greg Hall” on 11/08 and a local CD release show at the Parlor Room on Thursday 11/10. Greg is a member of Ward Hayden and the Outliers who headline that Parlor Room show. We began our segment with a live in-studio version of “Life’s Not Always a Party” from Experiments. In all we heard five songs in the show including “Can’t Be As Bad” and “One More Drink” from the new disc along with a live take of “Face of a Man”. Along the way we hear “Shelly Johnson” from Ward Hayden’s latest as well.

Our topics include some songwriting questions including the distinction of autobiographical vs. fictional characters, Greg’s songwriting process, and the concept of “what is a new release” considering these songs are now years old to the writer. We got a few stories from Greg about the just completed European tour with the Outliers and their future plans to tour Scandanavia.

Be sure to catch a double dose of Greg on Thursday 11/10 when he opens for Ward Hayden and the Outliers with songs from his just released CD. Then he’ll jump behind that bass and rock with his bandmates in the headliner too.

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