Johnny Folsom 4 coming to the Shea 5/12

David Burney has a classic country voice. It’s unmistakeably Cash in timbre and delivery. That’s a fine trait when you’re fronting a Johnny Cash tribute band, Johnny Folsom 4. The band brings it’s classic sound to the Shea Theater on Friday 5/12.

David Burney started this journey later than some; but he’s been at it for fifteen years now. These last two years were particularly productive with a release of his debut solo record “I Forgive It All’ released near the end of 2022 and the band release, “Sooner Or Later; Our Tribute to Johnny Cash”, just released.

Our conversation covers David realization that after years as a designer, he wanted to start a honky tonk band! The parallels between his design work and his music were a theme throughout the interview. We talk about his two studio experiences and his amazing band for both albums. We ask him what his creative and personal goals were and what it feels to be productive these days.

Of course we talk about Johnny Cash and our mutual delight at his early TV shows and the amazing guests on the program. We compare favorite Cash “eras” and I ask if David has created his “100 Songs To Learn” as Johnny did? Did it include any of the late great Gordon Lightfoot songs? You’ll have to listen to the segment for all the topics and David’s honest and insightful answers. We also include a batch of songs from both albums. From the “solo’ Burney record, we hear his great take on Townes Van Zandt “Dollar Bill Blues” as well as Dennis Dougherty’s beautiful “My Hands” with musical credit to Andrew Marlin! From the Johnny Folsom 4, we played “Personal Jesus” and “Get Rhythm”.

Tickets for the beautiful historic Shea Theater on 5/12 are still available! will get you a night of great songs from the Man In Black; even if he’s from Leland NC!

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