Ryan Montbleau plays his latest EP, “Wood” on Nine Volt Heart.

Ryan Montbleau has a dozen albums to his credit; he’s been a real road dog warrior with 200 shows a year for almost two decades. He’s learned a lot; about songwriting, this crazy business and especially about himself. Our interview spans so many topics (and seven songs) but the main themes seem to be emotional growth and self-reflection. Ryan is a thoughtful guy with a lot to tell. His move to Burlington, Vt has paid dividends in his mental health and his song-writing. He’s finally got a home with some semblance of a family life. He’s also spent the most time being still, probably ever. We hear the results in his latest EP called “Wood” which will be followed by releases named for the other elements of “Fire”, “Water” and “Earth”.

Ryan performed all three of his newest, live in-studio (it’s been awhile since that happened) including “Ankles”, “Perfect” and “Outside Looking In”. In between, we got to chat about his songwriting process, his experience at Vt’s Guilford Sound, his weekly livestreams, and his upcoming shows in Pittsfield (5/8) and Hatfield (5/23).

We listened to four additional tunes from Ryan’s deep catalog including his collaboration with Tall Heights on “Helplessly Hoping”, the title cuts from earlier albums “I was Just Leaving” and “Ships in the Night” as well as “Songbird”.

It was fabulous to get an in-studio guest again and I’m so glad that it was Ryan Montbleau who couldn’t have been more thoughtful and genuine. Catch a show of his if you can.

Rick Faris is ready to climb “The Next Mountain”.

Rick Faris has recorded his second solo release called “The Next Mountain” and plans to release it this summer. Rick was my guest on Nine Volt Heart to talk about the new release and his musical journey. He began as a member of the Faris Family Band at the age of seven on guitar. Taught by his father along with his brothers, the family band travelled widely and gave Rick a great introduction into this music “business”. When his brother Eddie was invited to join Ricky Skaggs’ band, opportunity knocked for Rick as well. The award-winning bluegrass outfit, Special Consensus, hired Rick to tour the world! Our conversation touches on this experience with Greg Cahill in Special C as a mentor and band leader. We talk about Rick’s decision to leave this bluegrass “juggernaut” to pursue his solo career. We also listen to a batch of songs from Rick’s first solo effort called “Breaking In Lonesome”. Our segment begins with a trio of songs from that album including “Stonemans Raid”, “If the Kansas River Can” and the title cut which is a barn burner!

We talk about his biography, his songwriting process, and his stellar bands that he’s chosen for these “solo” releases. Our chat touches on his luthier work, his co-writing experiences with folks like Rick Lang and even his his weight loss goals! We finish with his discussion of the first single released from the upcoming release called “Deep River”.

Rick is an absolute joy to chat with and his stories are stellar. He’s humble about his accomplishments and talents but a quick listen to his songs tell the real story. He’s a fabulous singer and picker with strong genuine songs. I look forward to more music from this album and many more to come. Give our segment a listen.

Rick Lang gives a master class in Songwriting on Nine Volt Heart.

Rick Lang is a songwriter in demand these days. He’s been writing songs in bluegrass for decades and has been recorded by over one hundred artists during that span. In our interview, he seems genuinely in awe of his good fortune; repeatedly and humbly deflecting attention. But attention he’s getting. Recipient of most every award genre there is; Grammys, Dove Awards, IBMA’s, Gospel Awards. He’s been collaborating with other songwriters well before “co-writing was cool”.

Born and raised in South Eastern coastal NH, he started regionally with New England musicians but as his associations grew, more time in Nashville beckoned. His connections with Jerry Salley and Stephen Mougin have landed Rick some recording opportunities in Nashville. They have been very successful indeed. The 2018 release on Salley’s newly hatched Billy Blue Records “Gonna Sing Gonna Shout” won nominations from the IBMA and the Grammy’s.! An all star cast sing Rick Langs penned tunes.

Rick’s recent signing with Stephen Mougin’s Dark Shadows Records will result in a Fall release called “A Tale to Tell”; a batch of what Rick calls “story songs”. Our segment closes with his song based on the real life history of the Quabbin Reservoir in nearby Western Massachusetts called “Lost Town”. This is the first single from the forthcoming album.

Our conversation touches many topics from the impact of living in New Hampshire, his work on a tribute to the Boston Marathon, his New England coastal ocean album called “Undertow”, his recording of the bluegrass gospel “Gonna Sing Gonna Shout” and his experience at the Grammy Awards. We talk songwriting as well. The value of authentic experience in creating great songs is explored. But of course, there are the songs! We begin with “Gonna Sing” with the vocal work of Claire Lynch as well as the Marathon anthem, “Running for the Glory”. The segment finishes with his latest release, “Lost Town”.

Rick Lang still exhibits the awe of the songwriting process which probably explains his longevity and continued success .He was a joy to chat with and I could have spent the full two hours with him telling stories and tracing his successful musical and personal journey. Give the segment a listen.

Crys Matthews; Poet and Changemaker

Crys Matthews has been releasing albums and performing for years but her recent album, Changemakers, is a clear quantum leap in her songwriting craft. It could be that this uber-political songwriter just has more to work with in these last few years! This batch of songs takes on immigration issues, gun violence, racism, police brutality and the opioid crisis. While it is indeed unfortunate that these issues still haunt our nation, we can rely on musicians to give us perspectives to make us think. In Crys’ case, most of these songs leave us with something that we crave; hope! We can easily list societal ills without end but the process leaves us depressed or hopeless. This batch of songs portrays the circumstances as dire while offering optimism that we can work together to act in positive ways.

Our segment begins with two new songs, “Exactly Where You Are” and the title cut, “Changemakers” followed by a great intelligent conversation about her NC roots, her songwriting and of course, the issues that inspired these songs. We finish the segment with a powerful song “Call Them In” dedicated to civil rights icon John Lewis who died last July.

One of my favorite interviews with honest but powerful insights into these social issues and the songs that deal with them. Highly recommended.

Anya Hinkle ponders “What’s It Gonna Take?” to fulfill our American Dream.

Anya Hinkle has released a series of singles in anticipation of a full Summer album release. After her band, Tellico, disbanded during these past difficult months, she has worked with other stellar Asheville NC musicians to release some of her best music yet .Our segment begins with the Anya-penned Tellico song, “Courage in the Morning” followed by an instrumental called “Meditation:Beyond the Shores of Darkness.” This is Anya’s first attempt at an instrumental and it is a gorgeous piece featuring Duncan Wickel on cello and Julian Pinelli on fiddle.

Our conversation touches on the varied life experiences Anya has on her journey including her work as an ethnobotonist, a cyclist, her travels throughout Japan, and of course; this latest batch of songs. We talk about the genesis of her meditation piece as well as the stunning song, “What’s It Gonna Take” with Steep Canyon Ranger Graham Sharp. The song is beautifully enhanced by the sacred steel talents of Deshawn Hickman and vocals by Wendy Hickman; both from the Mt Airy NC area. The song was inspired by the horrific events around the George Floyd murder and the Summer Protests of 2020.

We talk about her project with fellow Asheville musician Dianne Gambrell which describes the challenge of living as a Black American in NC for her entire life. The song “Struggles” is a powerful testament to her family’s challenges facing racism and discrimination in Asheville.

It is clear that social justice issues remain on the minds and hearts of musicians and artists everywhere. It is my hope that music can deal with these important issues in ways that reach listeners hearts without dividing our minds. Anya Hinkle has released a powerful song in this vein and I applaud it’s success. Give the segment a listen. And watch for more powerful songs from this important artist.

Chris Pierce calls out “American Silence” in his new release.

LA based musician Chris Pierce has been at it for awhile, working independently for decades. His sound has ranged from soul and R&B to his take on “The American Soul Songbook” and most recently has written a “folk protest” album called “American Silence” out this Friday. We caught up with Chris in advance of the album release to talk about this batch of songs and the times that inspired them. While Chris Pierce has faced obstacles both physical (loss of hearing at fifteen) and social (he outlines examples of racial profiling); he is a supremely positive guy. Our conversation was inspiring to me in it’s optimism despite this past year which has exposed many of our Country’s weaknesses and unfilled promises.

We talked about the value of a good record collection at a young age, his chance meeting with the musician Seal, his collaboration with musician Sunny War. We didn’t even touch on his co-ownership of a wine label, Ledbetter Syrah, or his stage production, “Reverend Tall Tree”. A full creative life; peaking with a new release that has prompted NPR and Rolling Stone to proclaim his latest the “Protest Album of the Year”.

Chris Pierce told stories about performing with Sunny War as the duo, War and Pierce, as well as his recording in the famed Muscle Shoals recording studios with the legendary backing band. We hear his soulful vocals belt out “Many Rivers to Cross” from the “You’ve Got to Feel It” recorded in that Alabama iconic studio. We also hear his duet with Sunny War called “Amen” written in response to the deadly Charlottesville protest. We conclude with the title cut of his new album, “American Silence” where he exhorts those who are allies to act in solidarity and not simply “post a facebook comment” and remain in the background.

Despite the fact that Chris has shared the stage with the likes of BB King, Al Green and Aaron Neville and toured the world with Seal, it’s my estimation that his most creative period has just begun. Listen to our conversation and you’ll agree that “American Silence” is a modern day master class in songwriting, no matter the genre.

Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno

Vivian and Riley have merged their incredible talents to create a tasty roots music mix of old time, country and stringband music. While their 2018 album, “Time is Everything”, was decidedly a country and honkytonk affair centered around Vivian’s incredibly evocative voice, the new release shines more broadly into more varied sonic territory. Love songs, and songs of regret and longing still dominate the self titled release. The vocal duties are shared by both in songs that evoke the Americana duo, Mandolin Orange.

We begin our segment with the gorgeous “Will You”; one of the singles released in advance of the album’s March release date. Our conversation touches on both of the band members biography. Vivian is the daughter of parents who released a number of albums in the late 90’s as Jones And Leva and The Renegades. She was raised in Virginia and was exposed to music festivals as a youngster. Riley was a West Coast festival kid likewise drug around festivals from their Seattle base. They met professionally five years ago in a Washington state summer workshop while Riley was performing with his stringband, The Onlies. Vivian attended with her mother and joined the band on tour soon thereafter.

The newest disc was recorded (just in time) in January 2020 in Eunice Louisiana with the Grammy winning producer, Joel Savoy, a legend in Cajun music. Several other songs have been released along with gorgeous videos including “Love and Chains” along with “Leaving on Our Minds”. Both songs lyrically deal with issues of isolation and leaving loved ones; topics appropriate in this era. Our segment finishes with the band introducing both those songs. This is a very sweet duo with lovely vocal and instrumental interplay. The new self titled album will be available on the top-notch Free Dirt Records in March.

Corner House debuts their “Caribou Party” on Nine Volt Heart.

Corner House is a quartet of Boston area stringband players who’ve found a safe way to release new music this year. “Caribou Party” will be released in early March and it’s a gorgeous collection of virtuosic instrumental tunes. The band consists of Ethan Setiawan (my guest) on mandolin, Ethan Hawkins on guitar and vocals, Louise Bichan on fiddle and Casey Murray on cello.

The band was unable to record their anticipated full length album in Canada due to pandemic restrictions but they were able to safely work on an EP in a cabin in rural Pennsylvania this past summer. There are songs about gardens and instrumentals named after wildlife. Songs about spiritual conflicts and tunes based on favorite New England destinations. All in all, it’s a diverse batch of songs representing each of the member’s contributions. Old time banjo player Allison DeGroot puts it this way ,”Caribou Party weaves together lush instrumental textures, thoughtful arrangements and intimate lyrics, culminating in an exciting collection of tunes and songs that will keep you listening to the twists and turns, while drawing you into the space of four friends making music amidst a global pandemic.”

Our segment begins with the Ethan Setiawan tune “Woolwich” and finishes with Louise Bichan’s “Hawk, Hound and the Homers” both getting their radio debut. You can join the band for their online launch party on 2/19@7PM on Bandcamp’s new streaming platform. You’ll b glad you did, it’s gonna be a party, a Caribou Party!

IBMA winner Justin Moses releases “Fall Like Rain” with Hall of Fame crew.

Bluegrass Today calls Justin Moses “something of a bluegrass superman, playing all the instruments and singing all the parts and having performed with a who’s who of contemporary bluegrass bands”. Justin is a repeat winner of the IBMA Resonator Guitar/Dobro Player of the Year. His stints in bluegrass bands is jaw dropping, starting with Blue Moon Rising, Dan Tyminski Band, Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, Blue Highway, and the Gibson Brothers! These bands allowed Justin, who plays a half dozen instruments, to play on the Grand Old Opry. He also played on Grammy award winning albums and got to play with some of his musical heroes along the way.

Justin’s new release “Fall Like Rain” showcases those musical heroes including Del McCoury, Dan Tyminski, Stuart Duncan, Bryan Sutton, Michael Cleveland, Jerry Douglas and Justin’s wife Sierra Hull! Our segment started with Shawn Lane from Blue Highway singing “Looking for a Place” and finishes with “Walking to Lebanon”; both from the new release. The disc is a diverse collection of instrumental burners like “Taxland” and “Locust Hill”. It also showcases songs written by Justin with some co-writing with Nashville’s best.

Our conversation touches on the new release, of course, but also topics as diverse as working with his wife Sierra Hull to baseball to Ken Burns’ “Country Music” series that Justin played in the house band. We talk about his future plans to tour as a duo with Sierra Hull and his resurrecting his dormant podcast “Cos Moses”.

Love Crumbs share their debut, Cavalcades, on Nine Volt Heart.

Massachusetts trio Love Crumbs have released their debut, Cavalcades, in January 2021. It has been added to playlists all over the world giving the band a nice blast of good reviews. Michael, Ali and Scott spent some time on Nine Volt Heart to discuss their musical path. The conversation centered on how the music “business” has changed over the years especially in today’s touring “pause”. We talked about their signing with the UK label, Animal Farm Records, and their approach to release singles over the next months.

The band’s sound is a nostalgic throwback to classic rock and a really bluesy belter that features the strong vocals of Ali McTavish. Her comparison’s to both Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin gives you an insight to her versatility (even within this song). We listened to an acoustic duo tune called “All I Want” to open the show and we finish with “Cavalcades”. Watch for more music from this talented trio at love crumbs music on Facebook.