Danny Allen from the Vegabonds discusses Songwriting and Hot Sauce!


The Vegabonds are playing locally at Pearl Street Theater with Whiskey Myers on August 17th. Danny Allen, the Vegabonds lead singer and song-writer, was my guest. We opened the segment with “Travelin Man” from their 2019 release “V”. Our conversation acquaints the listener to the band’s beginnings in Auburn University in Alabama and their move to Nashville to help promote their New South Rock music. We discuss all sorts of subjects from songwriting styles to their very own hot sauce named after one of their tunes, Georgia Fire. The setlist includes that song as well as new songs “Best I Can” and “When the Smoke Clears Up”. We also include a Whiskey Myers tune,  “Trailer We Call Home”.

Listen to the segment here:

Scott Meyers brings his guitar and original songs to Nine Volt Heart.

IMG_4056.JPGScott Meyers is a Northampton based singer-songwriter whose original songs are intelligent and insightful. His style is a folky throwback to an earlier decade when heartfelt ballads and acoustic guitars ruled the airwaves. Our segment includes a six pack of his songs as well as his views on songwriting and life as a musician and parent. He has released two albums of music; “Old Radio” and “Mysteries of the Night” and Scott is working on his third release, some of which he debuts here. The setlist includes “Deep Cuts”, “Distant Blue Star”,”Colorado”,”There is a Highway”, “No Hometown” and “Side of the Road”. He is appearing locally on August 2 at Luthiers Coop in Easthampton as well as August 9th at Millpond 180 also in Easthampton. Follow this talented musician at Scottmeyersmusic.com

Carolyn Walker brings passion to her craft. The Amherst singer-songwriter delivers on Nine Volt Heart.


The Amherst Massachusetts may look sweet and unassuming but don’t mistake that for a lack of fierceness. The fiery mother of two shows her passionate side when performing her original songs. Her visit to Nine Volt Heart includes six songs; half live in-studio and the other half from her latest release “Incarnidine”.

Our conversation touches on her songwriting inspirations, her Patreon campaign, along with her violin teaching. She is about to release a new album entitled, “Patchwork” which will be released very soon. Our setlist includes “Wanted”, “Mother of Exiles”,”Voice in My Head”, “Hurricane”, “I Don’t Know You Anymore” and “Still Here”.

Make sure to catch her as the featured performer at Easthampton’s 413. All her music and appearances can be found at “Carolyn Walker Music.com”


Zoe and Cloyd, award-winning duo, bridge Western Mass and Western NC.


The duo of Zoe and Cloyd are one of my favorite “New Appalachian” roots musicians. Natalya Zoe Weinstein is a Leverett raised fiddler and her husband John Cloyd Miller is a award-winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Asheville NC. They will be appearing with Mile Twelve’s Nate Sabat at Hadley’s Wesley United Methodist Church on July 5th.

Our conversation covers their beginnings as the trio, Red June, and their third release as Zoe and Cloyd due out in September. We include five songs in our segment including three brand new ones from the upcoming CD “Looking Out for You and Me”. We start with the title cut as well as “Berditchever Sher” and “Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down”. The Boston based bluegrass Mile Twelve released a version of John Cloyd Miller’s “Where We Started” from their award-winning “City on A Hill” release and it is also included in the set.

We talk about both musician’s grandfathers and their influences on the duo in the bluegrass and klezmer styles. Check out the audio of our segment in the link above.

Alice Howe and Dave Dersham talk about Bookmill show 7/6

Dave Dersham and Alice Howe both will be appearing at the Montague Bookmill on July 6th. Both of these musicians ,with ties to the Pioneer Valley, are guests on this edition of Nine Volt Heart on WXOJ in Northampton, Mass.

Dave Dersham is live in-studio and plays his guitar and sings his original songs. We hear five of his originals; “The Pine Barrens “(done live in the studio),” Wonderland” from his 2011 release “Gilding The Lilies” followed by a live version of “King of the Odd Jobs”. A listen to “Flying Cars” is finished with an in-studio version of “My Days are Numbered” from his debut disc “The Burn of Summer”.

Alice Howe is a Newton born singer schooled at Smith College and she has two acclaimed releases to her credit. We hear four of her songs as well as our conversation in this extended segment. Her version of Bonnie Raitt’s “Been Too Long at the Fair” starts the segment off.  Her latest disc called “Visions” include our next two songs,
“Still On my Mind” and “Twilight”. We finish the segment with her debut disc’s highlight called “Homeland Blues”.


Christa Joy brings her hopeful upbeat “Get On, Heart” to Nine Volt Heart.

Christa Joy and Michael Stephens joined me for a “joy”ful in-studio performance on Nine Volt Heart. Our wide-ranging conversation includes a healthy dose of tunes from her upcoming album, “Get on,Heart”. We talk about the evolution of her sound over her three releases. Christa delves into her personal history documenting the heartbreak and joy behind these songs. Our session includes cuts from her new disc along with three live versions. Included are “Get On, Heart”, “Honey Bee”, “Ready or Not”,”You Don’t Know”, “On the Shunpike”, “She’s Enough”, and “You’re Not There”.

The commentary is honest and in-depth throughout. Give it a listen.

Christa Joy and the Honey Bees CD release shows are 6/23 at The Parlor Room and 6/27 at Dream Away Lodge. Catch them if you can.

Michael Francis McCarthy brings the Blues to WXOJ.


Michael Francis McCarthy is a blues stylist and passionate singer based in NY’s Hudson Valley. He was referred to me by my college pal Beanie (You get a shout-out in the first audio at around the 12:00 minute mark) and I’m glad he could make the drive to visit with us on Nine Volt Heart. He played a number of original songs starting with “Keep Swimming” followed by “Leave your Porch Light On”, both live in-studio. We listen to the song “Blue Angels” from his latest CD “Migrant”. A couple of brand new songs were debuted as well including “Better Than Your Phone” and “Judgement Day”. We listen to his cover of “Kill the Old Gray Mule” and his original song “Green Grass Hopper”.

It was a pleasure catching this young man sing his original songs so passionately and play his guitar with incredible dexterity. He certainly puts a lot of effort into his craft. Listen to the two audio segments above and I think you’ll agree that Michael Francis McCarthy is an amazing original talent.