Mikey Sweet’s Road Dog Gospel starts off this years Parlor Room’s Back Porch Festival.

Mikey SweetDaylight savings time along with the opening time slot was no problem for local musician Mikey Sweet at 9AM this Sunday morning. A good sized crowd has gathered to hear music live on Jim Olsen’s radio program called The Back Porch. A special show full of live guests  kicks off with Mikey’s set of acoustic tunes. His set set starts off the an emotional version of “Dry Bones” from his latest disc, Road Dog Gospel. He follows this with a new tune called “Ain’t no Baby No More” juxtaposing his own childhood in Huntington Massachusetts along with a friends choices in his life. There is discussion of a possible Nashville studio’s interest in Mikey’s next release. A sad love song finishes Sweet’s set called “Without You”.

I’ve been very impressed with Mikey Sweet’s songwriting and his gritty tunes of life on the margins. There’s a fair amount of hope and grace that live inside this harrowing songs. I interviewed Mikey a few time and had him as a guest on-air. I summarized these sessions in an article in the music site No Depression a few months back. The link to this article is accessed here.nodepression.com/…/mikey-sweet-writes-his-road-dog-gospel

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