A Cure for Hangovers (and Loneliness);Peter Wolf visits Nine Volt Heart

Growing up in the 1970’s Boston, there was only ONE Boston band rocking the airwaves. The J. Geils Band were the undisputed “Best live Band of the Decade”. My first experience was in November 1975 at the Boston Garden followed by others throughout the area. When Peter Wolf appeared at last year’s Green River Festival, I was wowed by his still manic energy and his amazing live show. So, last night’s Nine Volt Heart interview with this Rock n Roll Icon was a dream come true.

Peter was super gracious with his time and our conversation covered a lot of ground from his youthful visits to the Apollo Theater and his amazing recollection of his childhood radio DJ’s all the way to his upcoming Academy of Music show in Northampton, Ma on 10/13. At the end of our chat, Peter thanked me for “curing” his hangover from all night partying with Little Steven.

Here’s some of our interview: 19575286_10159177649240227_3934754341749921994_o

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