Jonathan Edwards, 70’s hitmaker, visits Nine Volt Heart.

22687890_840685112772103_2625159710661050156_nJonathan Edwards has recorded 15 albums over his decades of music-making including 2015’s Tomorrow’s Child. His most well known songs may be from his 1971 debut but that has not defined his career which includes an Award Winning childrens album, music for films, acting in films and hosting his own PBS Series, America’s Waterways. Our conversation focuses on his arrival in Boston’s coffee house scene in 1967 and how his mega hit, “Sunshine” in 1971 changed his career trajectory. We also discuss his collaborations with Emmylou Harris and The Seldom Scene along the way. We talk about his upcoming DVD release of his live show at The Infinity Music Hall in Hartford as well as some of his songs from Tomorrow’s Child.

He brings his band to the Iron Horse on April 14, 2018. Expect a career spanning performance highlighted by his infectious upbeat personality honed over decades of performing his unique folk songs.

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