Pamela Means celebrates Abbey Road on Nine Volt Heart.


Pamela Means is an exceptional guitarist and songwriter. Her protest-leaning folk songs are legendary. She fronts a Jazz band and as a trio in the Pamela Means Band. But her latest project is ambitious indeed. She has challenged herself to learn the Beatles’ Abbey Road and play it solo acoustic in it’s entirety.

Our set includes two such pieces from Abbey Road, George Harrison’s “Something” and Lennon/McCartney’s “Golden Slumbers” from the side two medley.

We also visit some of Pamela’s Jazz Project with “My Funny Valentine” and a gorgeous tune from her latest solo release, Plainfield, called “Castor and Pollux”.

In between our conversation, we listen to the newly released 2019 “Super Deluxe Package” of Abbey Road including “Come Together”, “Sun King”,”Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and “Here Comes the Sun” .

Pamela will play the Abbey Road album on Friday October 4th at Northampton’s Parlor Room. Her complete catalog and information on lessons etc can be found at Pamela

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