Anya Hinkle ponders “What’s It Gonna Take?” to fulfill our American Dream.

Anya Hinkle has released a series of singles in anticipation of a full Summer album release. After her band, Tellico, disbanded during these past difficult months, she has worked with other stellar Asheville NC musicians to release some of her best music yet .Our segment begins with the Anya-penned Tellico song, “Courage in the Morning” followed by an instrumental called “Meditation:Beyond the Shores of Darkness.” This is Anya’s first attempt at an instrumental and it is a gorgeous piece featuring Duncan Wickel on cello and Julian Pinelli on fiddle.

Our conversation touches on the varied life experiences Anya has on her journey including her work as an ethnobotonist, a cyclist, her travels throughout Japan, and of course; this latest batch of songs. We talk about the genesis of her meditation piece as well as the stunning song, “What’s It Gonna Take” with Steep Canyon Ranger Graham Sharp. The song is beautifully enhanced by the sacred steel talents of Deshawn Hickman and vocals by Wendy Hickman; both from the Mt Airy NC area. The song was inspired by the horrific events around the George Floyd murder and the Summer Protests of 2020.

We talk about her project with fellow Asheville musician Dianne Gambrell which describes the challenge of living as a Black American in NC for her entire life. The song “Struggles” is a powerful testament to her family’s challenges facing racism and discrimination in Asheville.

It is clear that social justice issues remain on the minds and hearts of musicians and artists everywhere. It is my hope that music can deal with these important issues in ways that reach listeners hearts without dividing our minds. Anya Hinkle has released a powerful song in this vein and I applaud it’s success. Give the segment a listen. And watch for more powerful songs from this important artist.

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