NineVoltHeart tribute to Koady Chaisson of PEI’s The East Pointers.

Koady Chaisson, heart and soul of the East Pointers, has passed at the age of 37. The multi-instrumentalist touched many people’s lives through his music surely, but just as much by his personality too. His kindness and generosity has been well documented by posts from friends, family and fans from around the world. My sincerest condolences to his extended family and his wife Chloe Goodyear. The segment includes four tunes representative of the band’s sound which bridged modern beats with traditional celtic and folk music. I’ve included reminiscences of my own and others throughout.

The segment begins with “Wintergreen” which was the musical soundtrack of many fans who tuned in nightly for the band’s reading of Anne of Green Gables, another PEI icon. My wife and I attended livestreams for all of the first three books, which helped hundreds get through the toughest, loneliest, most uncertain times of our lives. A new community was born thanks to the band’s creative endeavors, a theme which is likely repeated over and over. Annedemics united over the goofy to heartfelt, bonding over the characters of the books but just as assuredly with the guys in the band.

“Tanglewood” follows, which to me, solidifies their “sound” both traditional and modern led by Koady’s percussive lead banjo riffs. I also relate the first time that I met Tim and Koady during a visit to my radio station at the time, WMUA. Louise Dunphey’s Celtic Crossings program and mine were back to back and we would often have guests. That night, these two incredibly charismatic young men played live in the studio having a great time and stamping the memory in my mind forever.

The segment includes “Before My Time” and “If You’re Still In, I’m In” both from “Yours to Break” their 2019 release. A note is given for Koady’s favorite charity called the Unison Fund which helps musicians dealing with things like mental health issues. A GoFundMe campaign has raised thousands in his honor for this effort that was so special to him.

We are heartbroken for our loss, we grieve for the families, but today, we celebrate musically the great spirit of the young man from Souris PEI, Koady Chaisson.

4 thoughts on “NineVoltHeart tribute to Koady Chaisson of PEI’s The East Pointers.

  1. Ed! Lovely and heartfelt! It does hurt. My heart is broken. Koady was a funny, caring and thoughtful man. We had wonderful conversations and fabulous interviews. Last time we visited Koady was driving and I was holding on as we sped through Rollo Bay Festival grounds on a golf cart. Eastpointers that evening on PEI played their hearts out. Will always remember that day in studio with us all. Thanks for remembering. In Peace, Louise


  2. Ed! I knew David Surrette. Met him years ago while teaching in New Hampshire. David was sharing his music in the schools as an Artist in Residence. Wow he was so good. Years later I caugh up with him again at Parlor Room. Oh that show with Seamus at Parlor Room. Out of this world. Amazing musician with a heart of gold.
    RIP David.


  3. What a wonderful tribute to Koady. I remember seeing your name in the comments during annedemic. I got to “know” Koady, Tim and Jake through that and the book club they started.
    Like you say, we are heartbroken.


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