Natalie Padilla, award-winning fiddler, joins NineVoltHeart. Record Release Party 3/31 at Ana Bandeira Chocolates.

Natalie Padilla was born and raised in Montana. Her fiddling began at an early age with classical and eventually Texas style fiddling culminating in a half dozen Fiddle Contest Championships. She has just released two new albums. “Hell Broke Loose” which is an old time trio album released in February. But on March 31st, Natalie will release “Montana Wildflowers” a mix of Celtic and Old Time styles. The album release party will be at Ana Bandeira Chocolates (48 Main Street)in Northampton @6:30.

Our conversation covers Natalie’s Contest experiences as well as Fiddle Camps throughout the Mountain West. We talk about the differences between styles of fiddle playing and how she prepares for certain styles. Natalie compares these regional styles like learning a new language which necessitates immersion in the culture. If she’s playing Celtic music she’ll attend a “session” in a pub with the celtic repetoire. Conversely, she’ll need to play Bach violin and practice with the orchestra. Natalie is very adept at Texas , Celtic, Old Time and Classical styles as well as bluegrass. Her selections played live in studio show her mastery. Give the segment a listen. Many of the selections are from the “Montana Wildflowers” CD including “Prairie Flax”,”Ladyslipper”,”Forget Me Not”,” as well as “Court The Widow”. She finished with a version of “Hell Broke Loose”

Make sure to get to AnaBandeira Chocolates in Northampton for the release party. Natalie is also starting an “Irish Night” and an “Old Time Night” at the same business every week. Check the website for details.

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