Stephen “Mojo” Mougin ain’t no “Ordinary Soul”.


Stephen Mougin has done many things in the music business. He runs  a recording studio, he’s an in-demand sound engineer and producer. He’s a songwriter and guitarist but the role Mojo takes the most pride in; is “teacher”. He gained those skills and confidence while attending U Mass Amherst where he degreed in Music Education. Stephen was awarded an”IBMA Mentor of the Year Award” for his work in 2016.

Born and raised in South Ashfield Ma, Stephen experienced an early omen. While attending the Peaceful Valley bluegrass festival in 1988, he sat in on a workshop with none other than Bill Monroe! Bill showed an interest in this youngster and his mandolin, so much so that the “Bluegrass pioneer” used young Stephen’s mandolin for the entire workshop!

We talked about his early bluegrass band, Thunder Mountain Bluegrass Band and his move to Nashville, Tn.  Eventually, contacts got him a gig with the Sam Bush Band ,a role he’s “picked” since 2006. Our discussion ranges from his Dark Shadow Recording studio to his hope for a July 31 release party for his first solo album, “Ordinary Soul”.

Of course there is plenty of music in the segment with a healthy dose of the new disc. We include “New Beginning”, “A Place for a Fool” with the Gibson Brothers, “I’m Gonna Ride” with the Sam Bush Band. We add a new tune from Sam’s band called “On the Road”. The segment finishes with Dark Shadow artist, Becky Buller, nominated for an IBMA for her song, “The Barber’s Fiddle”. Two new songs from “Ordinary Soul” finish the segment including Stephen’s favorite on the disc, ” A Song That I Call Home” and “Railroad Man”.

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